The Map

For Alonzo A. Gabriel. . .

Thank you for leading my life toward a beautiful direction! You will forever be missed but I am certain, I will never be lost again!

Thank you for being my home for almost 15 years!


Streets and cities,
Confusing districts;
With your face,
Illuminating . . .
Like bright lights
Is a map, is a map
Like no other faces.
Leading to one continent
To another and another.
Leading to the ports,
Like no other ports.
Leading to the lakes,
To the rivers and the seas.
Showing all the dangers,
Then warning and turning.
Away from the waves of despair,
Away from harmful deserts of sorrow.
Not to desert the journey
but to bring me home.

— Originally written in 2004.

You will forever be home, Alonzo A. Gabriel (22 May 1980 – 31 March 2020)

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